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Tips to keep your vehicle running it's best

Remember these handy tips to keep your vehicle running it's best between visits to Auto Alliance.

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• Check tires for proper inflation

• Keep a spare tire properly inflated as well

• Periodically top off windshield washer fluid

• Check wipers for wear

• Never let your engine idle for too long

• Check engine oil levels and get regular oil changes

• Always turn off the engine when refueling

• Never top off the tank after the pump has shut off

• Never ignore any odd noises your vehicle makes, bring it in to be checked as soon as possible.

For daily driving...

• Check battery terminals and have them cleaned at least once a year

• Have brakes checked at least once a year or every 12,000 miles

• Have your check engine light diagnosed as soon as possible

• If the check engine light blinks or flashes, your vehicle has a serious problem. Bring it in to be diagnosed right away.

Maintenance reminders


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Routine maintenance will keep your vehicle up and running for many years to come.