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State inspections to keep your vehicle legal

The State of Massachusetts requires annual inspections for most vehicles. The type of inspection you need depends on the type of vehicle you drive. To learn more feel free to call us.  Here at Auto Alliance there is no appointment necessary for state inspection, just bring your keys and current registration into the office and we will get you right in!

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• Emissions testing

• Visual inspection

• Brake test

• Steering and suspension

• Wipers and glass

• Lights, bumpers, and tires

• Seat belts, airbags, and fuel tank

Inspections include:

If you feel like something is not right with your vehicle or if you’re planning a long road trip, bring your car by for a check-up.


The technicians at Auto Alliance have the experience and computer diagnostic equipment needed to make sure your vehicle is running great.

Vehicle system inspections


Contact us today:



When your inspection is due, get it done early in the month to avoid long waits.


All new or used vehicles must be inspected within

7 days of purchase.